About Thrifty Small Abode

IMG_2417Ever since I could remember I have always admired small houses and small living. Most of my childhood was spent living in smaller houses ranging from 700 sq ft to 1800 sq ft, and from my experience of living in both situations, I can honestly say I never missed out on the “McMansion” lifestyle and my childhood was just as great with or without the excess space.

Flash forward to 2016 when, my now fiancé and I, decided to buy our first home. Both him and I had similar childhood living situations and were less concerned about square footage, as we were about having the accomplishment of owning our own space before we turned 30. After searching and touring different size / price homes on the market we finally found our now current home. It was February 2016 and houses were flying off the market, we had recently been denied an offer on a larger roughly 1300 sq foot home and, still being winter and a slow sales season, were waiting for something to come on the market.

One morning while perusing our realtors MLS site, I noticed a new house had just come on the market. It was a little 760 sq ft ranch that had been built in the 1950’s and flipped in the early 2000’s. From first glance the floor plan was open and well planned for a house built in the 50’s and it was a three bedroom… unheard of for that size! So we jumped on it, and here we are today. We have made some updates along the way, and even encountered the dreaded unexpected challenges every home comes with, but I wouldn’t personally change it for the world and feel confident that my fiancé feels the same.

The point of this blog, for me, was to be able to stress to first time home buyers, new families, single men and women, and all kinds to be open to small house living. Specially if it’s the only thing you can truly afford without putting yourself in financial burden or dare I say ruin. I’ll be posting about how to decorate on a budget, as well as how to make smaller spaces as functional as possible while still living and enjoying your space.

If you are currently are a home owner, or renter, of a small house and have any questions or just want to talk, definitely contact me! 🙂