The Advantages of Small Living

When purchasing or discussing your small home with others there are always negative opinions of some sort, whether it’s coming from family or friends or even a coworker. Obviously your loved ones have it in your best interest when giving unsolicited advice, but, what do you say to convince them that small living isn’t the worst thing in the world?


It’s no secret that smaller means less house to buy, and for less money, but it also translates into less spent on utility bills, less maintenance, and the ability to save more towards your reserve to help with any emergency situations. Everything just costs less when owning a smaller home, allowing for more money to be allocated to savings and towards future goals and even travel possibilities. It also allows you to spend on indulgences that you may not be able to afford if you had a house that was beyond your needs. Avocado toast? You can definitely afford that being an owner of a small house!

Practicality and Maintenance

Less square footage means learning to use your space wisely and utilizing furniture and decor in a multi-use fashion. A couch may also be used as a pull out bed, and the coffee table may also function as extra storage using baskets underneath or having a hidden compartment/drawer. It also means quicker cleanups and less rooms to have to maintain, which ultimately means less vacuuming and more time spent with family and friends (yay! who doesn’t want that!?).

Smaller Footprint

You know how buying a small house saves on utilities? Well, it also allows you to have a smaller ecological footprint. Meaning with a home you most likely are reducing your fuel use, electricity use, water use and waste disposal. Less house typically means smaller family and more mindful ways of using resources when sharing a small space with your family. For example, shorter shower times if you share one bathroom, ultimately saving water which directly affects the environment for the better.

Staying Humble

Owning a smaller home instantly forces you to be humble. You acquire less stuff, you utilize the stuff you already own, and you spend more time in less space with the ones you love. It allows families to grow closer (literally) and enjoy the time they have together instead of being off in separate parts of the house.

Living small may be daunting and also socially misunderstood, but it’s totally attainable and even enjoyable. It allows you to save money, live within your means, and enjoy the time you have together. Seriously, what could be so wrong about that!?